Dumb Removable System? and oh dear Karun

Well i’ve just finished watching FP1 and 2 from austrailia (I was out late last night so I wasn’t for watching it live).

But first up Karun Chandhok managed 3 corners before applying too much power and meeting a wall. However the lotus’s in the hand seemed to spend most of the two practice sessions exploring the gravel traps. The Drage Reduction System (DRS) / Moveable Rear Wing (MRW) got a run out in race mode for a bit but read on after the break for a summary of the new overtaking assist

Firstly the DRS in practice and qualifying looks amazing, its a lot cheaper than KERS (like about £30 million) and a good driving and engineering challenge. During all of Friday and Saturday you can use the rear wing as you like, however come race time you can only use it at a certain point in the track if you are within 1 second of a car in front.

In my opinion its horrifically complicated and it didn’t really seem to do much during its trial run out today. Furthermore they dont run the system in the rain! what! I hate Indy Cars push to pass system but this has to be coming close to it.

KERS remains restricted as always with only 6.7 ish seconds of use per lap and the amount of energy is mandated too. This is pointless because the teams quickly work out where the best place on the track is to use it, so it just nullifies the effect. An unlimited DRS is surely a better system.

I’d say scrap the KERS and its faux environment claims (who’s being fooled by toyotas marketing that putting massive batteries in cars is good for the environment?) and its huge cost and keep the DRS but allow it to be used whenever the heck they like. Also with the new engine formula coming in, if there really worried that the speeds are getting too rediculous dial the engines back a bit. sorted.


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