Could Tilke be redeemed the season?

Hermann Tilke is the man responsible for a lot of the tarmac on the F1 calendar. All the new tracks since Sepang have been designed by him (Sepang / Bahrain / Shanghai / Istanbull Park / Marina Bay / Valencia / Yas Marina /  Korean International and this years Jaypee Group circuit in India all designed by the man)  as well as major modifications to established circuits (Hockenheimring, Circuit de Catalunya, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Nürburgring). Therefore the mans style of tracks feature heavily on the calendar, one of his classics is a tight hairpin following or leading into a straight.

Read on to find out why this might be no bad thing in 2011

8 of the 19 races this year will be raced on the modern Tilke circuits, out of these I think only one is a true classic (Istanbul Park) and two are respectable venues for racing (Sepang and Marina Bay) obviously its hard to judge Korea or the new Indian venue. With this years DRS and KERS slip streaming is really possible this year in F1 and with long Tilke straights following hair pins where the cars can closely follow we could see a lot of action at tracks where we’ve usually been devoid of an overtake.

Mark Webber has highlighted this fact that the DRS in Austrailia didn’t really work because the straight followed a fast corner where the cars cannot closely follow each other. However with these Tilke tracks will we see an overtaking fest??

Ironically the DRS didn’t massivly increase overtaking down the DRS straight but pulled the following car close to attack the rest of the lap. Im looking forward to see how it works on these big wide open tracks of Hermann Tilkes.

Finally if you were wondering who did the recent modifications to Silverstone that was populous who also put forward fixes for Abu Dhabi which along with Valencia is pretty dire.


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