Vettel keeps the Red Bulls chilled while the result changes post race

Sebastian Vettel maintains his 100% percent record in 2011 and converts another pole position to a win in malaysia to go to a maximum 50 out of 50 points in the championship. Jenson Button finished second and moves into second in the standings with 26 points with another Renault (this time quick nick!) car getting the final podium spot.

It was an action packed race that saw lots of on-track action helped sometimes by the DRS. The DRS system did not simply allow drivers to drive round the other cars as some people feared, overtaking still required skill. In fact the few times when a car passed easily using the DRS it was most likely down to the tires. The Pirelli rubber degraded much more in Malaysia with drivers requiring 3 and 4 stops with the tires falling away quite quickly. It was exciting to watch and almost hard to keep track of the whole field as so much was going on, it definatley was no Bahrain 2010. In fact at one point we had cars going 3 abreast into a corner, when was the last time that happened!!?

However the day wasn’t the best for Alonso and Hamilton

Alonso’s day was ruined when he damaged his wing trying to pick up too much of a tow from the McLaren of Lewis Hamilton (not on the DRS straight) and was handed a 20 second penalty however this didn’t affect his position. Hamilton in turn was also handed the same penalty for using more than one movement to defend his position and has slipped to 8th in the standings promoting Kamui Kobayashi to 7th place. Mark Webber also had mixed fortunes with his KERS unit packing up before the race and leaving him high and dry at the start. Mark also seems to bizzarely have the worst tire wear of the field and this has to be a headache for red bull. Vettel has only run really in clear air at the front, with his Red Bull chew its tires in the pack or is it a problem for Mark?

Petrov had a rather scarey crash hitting a rain gully and attempting a rally style jump which resulted in a broken steering column and a retirement for the Russian.

Next post will be a team review but drive of the day has to go to Nick Heidfeld for an amazing start to the race, coming round the outside of the field into second place and converting it to a podium.


Pos  Driver        Team                       Time
 1.  Vettel        Red Bull-Renault           1h37:39.832
 2.  Button        McLaren-Mercedes           +     3.261
 3.  Heidfeld      Renault                    +    25.075
 4.  Webber        Red Bull-Renault           +    26.384
 5.  Massa         Ferrari                    +    36.958
 6.  Alonso        Ferrari                    +    37.248 (+20 seconds penalty post race)
 7.  Kobayashi     Sauber-Ferrari             +  1:07.239
 8.  Hamilton      McLaren-Mercedes           +    49.957 (+20 seconds penalty post race)
 9.  Schumacher    Mercedes                   +  1:24.896
10.  Di Resta      Force India-Mercedes       +  1:31.563
11.  Sutil         Force India-Mercedes       +  1:41.379
12.  Rosberg       Mercedes                   +     1 lap
13.  Buemi         Toro Rosso-Ferrari         +     1 lap
14.  Alguersuari   Toro Rosso-Ferrari         +     1 lap
15.  Kovalainen    Lotus-Renault              +     1 lap
16.  Glock         Virgin-Cosworth            +    2 laps
17.  Petrov        Renault                    +    4 laps

Fastest lap: Webber, 1:40.571

Not classified/retirements:

Driver        Team                         On lap
Liuzzi        HRT-Cosworth                 47
D'Ambrosio    Virgin-Cosworth              43
Trulli        Lotus-Renault                32
Perez         Sauber-Ferrari               24
Barrichello   Williams-Cosworth            23
Karthikeyan   HRT-Cosworth                 15
Maldonado     Williams-Cosworth            9

World Championship standings, round 2:                

Drivers:                           Constructors:             
 1. Sebastian Vettel       50      1. Red Bull/Renault          72
 2. Jenson Button          26      2. McLaren/Mercedes          46
 3. Mark Webber            22      3. Ferrari                   36
 4. Lewis Hamilton         20      4. Renault                   30
 5. Fernando Alonso        20      5. Sauber/Ferrari            6
 6. Felipe Massa           16      6. Torro-Rosso/Ferrari       4
 7. Nick Heidfeld          15      7. Force India/Mercedes      4
 8. Vitaly Petrov          15      8. Mercedes                  2
 9. Kamui Kobayashi         8
10. Sebastien Buemi         4
11. Adrian Sutil            2
12. Michael Schumacher      2
13. Paul di Resta           2

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