The “new F1”

Lots of people have been talking about this new breed of F1 racing and theres a few things im confused about and here they are:

First of all people said malaysia was too busy and crazy? Was it, im pretty sure there was more overtaking in China and didn’t really ever settle down. Also people said they bored and turned off last year, really? Last season was vintage with a title fight to the wire. Im not saying that this year isn’t better but last year was hardly a snore fest, even webbers arial antics livened up the damp sqiub that is Valencia.

Furthermore expect these teams to get a handle on these rules and the strategy required to maximise the race and the races to be so crazy. I think its better to start a tad bit heavy handed with the rules because the teams will get their heads round them.

I hope you all enjoyed the race this weekend and this season is looking really lively with the midfield very competitive (mark webber wasn’t miles behind in 15th which is why he could make up the time – in years gone by he might of been lapped nearly by the time of his first pit stop) Red Bull and McLaren going at it hammer and tongs. With three weeks off now until the next race it will be interesting to see the developments from Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari and see if they can really come and join the fight at the front. The first european race is traditionally when teams bring a large package upgrade so expect the pecking order to change a bit, for most teams they tend to bring a big update for the first race, first european race, after the summer break (for the faster lower downforce races) and then sometimes the start of the flyaways. These upgrades will address the problems that the teams have had on the road and the ideas they’ve nicked off the other teams.


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