Vettels bird brings it home again in Turkey

Hey everyone hope you all enjoyed the race at the weekend, I’ve been pretty busy so I havent got around to updating the blog. Vettel lead home the first red bull 1-2 of the season with Alonso picking up the scuderia’s first podium of the season (a relief for everyone at Marenello). The McLarens had a dissapointing weekend with few updates showing up, a split strategy yeilded a 4th and 6th place.

The DRS this weekend was possibly set a touch high for Istanbul Park, with drivers clean driving around others with the DRS. Istandbul Park is very hard on tires so it may of simply been a case of tire deg being wildy different but it didn’t produce the kind of battles we’ve seen in recent weeks. The McLarens however did reprise their fight from last year in the opening stages of the race with some beautiful on track fighting. Many overtaking moves however did last a number of corners oweing to the great layout of Tilke’s best track.

Its a shame that the race never really took off, the attendance figures seem ambitious (they always are for GPs) and by all accounts only around 40,000 showed up max for race day. We talk about china having poor attendance but they still pile more than a lot of races through the turnstyles just there is space for 200,000!! The circuit proved again to provide an exciting race (which really doesn’t have a lot to do with turn 8, although it challenges the cars and is a great great corner) and it really can be regarded as a modern classic.


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