Circuit de Cat”ch up on sleep”alunya

In recent times the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya has been something of a snore fest. The tracks main overtaking oppurtunity has been ruined by modern aero dependance as the cars can’t follow closely through the last corner and go wheel to wheel (a la Mansell and Senna circa 1991) down the main straight. The addition of a chicane before the corner has done little to help the problem (other than spoil a good series of corners)

To me it makes more sense to tighten up turn 10 to make that straight into a real on the brakes overtaking shot. Would love to hear your thoughts on what ammendments could be made!

But to highlight the problem the race has been won from pole for the last 10 years, so many are saying this will be a real acid test of the new tires, KERS and DRS 2011 rules as the track is so aerodependant due to the fast corners. Charlie Whiting has picked the main straight and all of the main straight as the DRS zone, which is even longer than Turkeys which produced 112 overtakes during the race, 40 of which were DRS (thanks to James Allen and Merecedes F1 for that!) so it should produce some overtaking. How exciting it will be however I dont know, the reason ovals never took off in Europe is the constant meaningless changes of position.

But finally on the subject of DRS the teams have yet again failed to tackle the real problem head on. The move to ground effect and a massive increase in aero efficiency (IE reducing drag and the turbulence issues) has been thwarted by FOTA as they basically dont want to risk it. DRS only exists because the cars are creating massive wakes, which create turbulence for the cars trying to follow. Its a real shame as it could see a huge amount of downforce for very little wake, which really now has to be the challenge for the sport to come up with aero efficient rules.


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