Bahrain Blood Money and 21 races!

So the world motor sport council met on Friday last week and im sure you’ve heard the mind boggling decision to reinstate Bahrain this year, which is stupid because the sponsors dont want to go and the teams cant at the moment get any insurance so they will not be going. (There’d be all sorts of corperate negligence issues with going without insurance so the UK based teams – Williams, McLaren, Red Bull, Force India, Virgin, Team Lotus, Mercedes – will not at this stage be able to go). Its not going to happen, teams will pull out and we’ll either end up with some hilarious farsical race of Ferrari and HRT against each other while the country continues to melt down. It also now means the season will end of December 4th or 11th in India, the latest finish to a season till 1963!

In better news the calendar will at the moment contain 21 races next year with the addition of the United States Grand Prix and nothing else falling off the calendar, however the Turkish race is subject to confirmation. Also the FIA announced a new world endurance series centered around LeMans and a combined GT world championship, both good steps for fans of those series. Furthermore the Monte Carlo rally will return to World Rally Championship after 3 years in some other minor rally series.

Finally there was some rumblings that the FIA may delay the new 2013 rules, I dont really see why. The manufactuers already in the sport dont want it to change because its extra money but no-one new is going to enter the sport as we’re expecting the engine rules to change. (Theres also the new LIFE engines in development for 2013)


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