Longest ever race as we enter silly season

Well I hope you’ve all recovered from the 5 hours of F1 last weekend (im late in posting – again!) and Jenson Buttons fantastic win in Canada over the two red bull drivers. Although Seb missed out on equaling Schumi’s record for the start of a season he is walking the title in a similar vein to 2002. With Mark Webber being miles off the pace and (for the moment) relegated out of last years “famous five” (Alonso/Hamilton/Button/Vettel/Webber) no-one is challenging Vettel properly. The other 3 are tripping over each other in tightly matched cars Sebastian is running away with the title which could be all over pretty quickly if someone doesn’t stop him.

The weekend also finally brought out a vintage Schumi performance to bring him level on points with his team-mate Rosberg and firmly establish his comeback, although he so could of used that podium. Strong showings from Torro Rosso, Petrov and Kobayashi rounded out the top 10 with some points for Reubens.

One interesting side note is that “Silly Season” has returned, after last year where so many people stayed put at the top teams. (Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Renault (until Kucia’s accident) , Mercedes, Torro Rosso and Team Lotus all fielding the same driver line ups this year and last) There has been rumblings that Hamilton has had some preliminary talks about the oppurtunities at Red Bull (informally of course) about a move either next year or 2013. The Brit seems fustrated that Vettel is walking to his second title whereas he hasn’t had a real serious attempt since his title year in 2008.

It all hinges on Mark Webber, if he regains some form and stays at red bull there could be all no change. The same with Massa who has a few races to turn it around.

Ferrari are known to have Webber, Button and Rosberg on their list for the second seat at Ferrari, but it would take a brave man to take on Alonso. Rosberg, who thus far has demolished Schumacher could be tempted away to a winning car and Mercedes have offered him a substansial amount of money to stay on as team leader. I doubt McLaren would lose both drivers, if Hamilton left I would think Jenson would relish the no.1 spot at Mclaren.

Kubica’s return also possibly leaves a seat at Renault, prepare for madness F1 fans!


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