McLaren make the first move

As I mentioned yesterday its always hard to spot whether or not driver rumours are genuine interest or used to push a drivers value. McLaren have announced publically that they are trying to secure Jenson on another contract, I have now a sneaky suspision that this was all fabricated to try and get McLaren to move early and pay up for the 2009 world champions services. Ferrari moved to dispell the rumours on the same day.

However a move to Ferrari would of made a lot of sense for both parties, Jenson is a reliable fast driver and also a team player with a lot of experience. It would be a typical Ferrari choice, although it would be usual for the Scuderia to field two world champion drivers, but with so much talent at the top table now (There are 5 world Champions on the grid) it may become more natural.

Massa seems to be safe, for now.


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