Silly Season throws up early result.

This evening in a shock announcement Red Bull / Torro Rosso 3rd driver Daniel Ricciardo will be racing in Silverstone next weekend (not a massive shock as the drinks giant owns 4 seats in F1 and has run the man in free practice this year). However the big surprise is he will be racing for HRT in place of Karthikeyan (apart from the Indian GP), so Red Bull has bought a 5th seat in addition to running two teams! The practice has always been a bit mad since Torro Rosso have to build their own car now, it would be significantly cheaper to pay drivers into seats.

One would assume cash strapped HRT have jumped at the change to replace the Indian with the fizzy drinks new super kid thanks to a heathly wad of cash. Karthikeyan has raced for many of Kolles teams but has been massivly out performed by Luizzi this year. Now the team will boast a very exciting line-up as they try to secure 11th place for the second year in a row.

Also rumours are abound this eve that this could signal Mark Webber going to Ferrari and also that Kolles is going to Williams as his choice of driver has been sidelined for cash. Unless the drive was going very cheap its odd that Red Bull would not of replaced either of the two Torro Rosso drivers.


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