Weekend reflections

Well what a race weekend we had Ferrari seemed really back on form and it looks like Alonso could of won without the unusual slip up in the pits from Red Bull who finished 2nd and 3rd. Although once again in Silverstone team favouritism at Red Bull reared its ugly head with Webber being told not to overtake Vettel in the closing stages. However the Austrialian has publically stated he ignored the request and went for the overtake, which makes one wonder how long he will be racing for the bull. This has smacks of Austria 2002 about it where Ferrari ordered Reubens to allow Michael Schumacher through despite his huge points gap.

Last year Ferrari allowed Alonso through in a similar manner, which despite being illegal (which this was not) set the Championship alive as Alonso was really struggling for points and Massa was effectivly out of the Championship.

It was a torrid weekend for McLaren at their home race, the British team probably enjoy the largest home support with their all British, all Word Champion driver line up. Lewis battled to 4th place (to the line) while the wheels literally came off for Jenson.

Paul di Resta had an immense qualifying underlining his talent, but another mix up in the pits underlined a bad day for the home team.

Roll on Deustchland.


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