The Big Squeeze puts F1 in a Thinned Down Broadcast Schedule

BBC have a announced this morning that from next year they will only be showing 1/2 the races live with Sky Sports showing the whole season. Bernie has stated that is “wasn’t his decision” and obviously all the rumours about the BBC trying to reduce the cost of broadcasting the sport.

The BBC will show the British Grand Prix, Monaco and the season finale along with the qualifying sessions from the races they broadcast. Radio 5 live and sports extra will still be broadcasting all sessions all season long.There will also be extended highlights of the races that the BBC aren’t broadcasting live.

Theres been no word from Sky on how it will broadcast, RE adverts etc. The new qualifying format suits advertising very well but how they will deal with the race is unsure. It also raises an interesting point of races putting pressure on the BBC to broadcast their shiney tilke drome over another.

Furthermore the revised 2012 calendar details have emerged with Australia openening the season and more back to back races (Abu Dhabi / Bahrain , US / Brazil, Australia/Malaysia) and no Turkey meaning as expected there will be 20 races next year. Losing Turkey is a shame because its a great track (best of the modern Tilke tracks) but attendances were beyond poor.


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