Double DRS in Monza could lead to Bonanza

The teams this year in Monza have another headache with setting up their cars for the unique low downforce circuit in Italy. The circuit is one of the oldest on the calendar (having first been run in 1922 pre-world championship) and has been at Monza every year (in the world championship era) with the exception of 1980 (where it was at Imola). The circuit only has 2 real corners (Parabolica and the Lesmos – maybe Ascarii) with the rest being long straights and chicanes. This leads the teams to running very low downforce to reduce drag as much as possible and the majority of teams bring a monza specific “skinny” wing to add to their low downforce set up.

The exception to this was last year Jenson Button ran with a regular wing thanks to the F-Duct innovation that stalled the rear wing and reduced drag on the straights. However with this years DRS the teams have a problem, since it can be used in Qualifying and in two places on race day. Running with a higher downforce setting could see you overtake easily in the pack due to the amount of drag you could shed using DRS however this is only allowed when following another car. It seems unlikely to be an option for most of the top teams but there is a great temptation to run with a little more wing than usual if you can afford it knowing you can overtake using the DRS on two sections of the track.

Furthermore Pirelli have reduced their reccomended camber limits after the issues many people faced at Spa two weeks ago, they are still allowing the teams to run whatever camber they wish but will investigate the tires after FP2 and decide whether the FIA should impose their limits on safety grounds. This camber limit could have an adverse effect on Red Bull who’ve never finished on the podium at Monza.


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