GGGGGGGGaame over

Well it was inevitable but Sebastian Vettel has become the worlds youngest ever double champion, winning the title with 4 races to spare (the record is 6 by Schumacher in 2002) highlighting another period of German dominance in the sport. But there was more stories than that up and down the field:

First of all McLaren especially in the hands of Jenson Button looked on fire all weekend (as in fast, not Renault/Lotus Renault/Genii Capital my side pods exploding on fire) and a great qualifying performance saw Jenson take his first win in the dry for the Woking based squad. Additionally Vettel warned on the grid that Ferrari wern’t out of it and he turned out to be correct as good tire management let Fernando get to 2nd step of the podium, while the Red Bull consumed its tires but the boys from Milton Keynes wern’t taking any risks and just wanted that title. Mark Webber drove a decent race to finish 4th.

Schumacher continues his return to form and became the oldest man to lead a race since Jack Brabham in the 1970s before securing a 6th position beating Felipe Massa across the line. Furthermore there was a big boost for Team Lotus who managed to get both cars across the line on lead lap. The norfolk boys do appeared to have quietly closed the gap to the midfield teams and next season will have KERS along with their drive train from Renault, we do think there is more to come from them and now realistically look as though they could pull themselves out of Q3.

It does look as though the field have closed up with McLaren now seemingly matching Red Bull over one lap (at a circuit that traditionally suits Adrian Newey cars) as well as the race. Ferrari seem as though they’ve sorted out their tire issues and Mercedes also look good now in race trim.

Force India will however be ruing the saftey car which ruined their strategy and cost them points while Petrov picked up 2 for Renault. Bruno Senna however just seemed to head backwards all race ending up finishing 16th. Bruno could really use a marquee finish to boost his chances of getting a drive next year.


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