Winds of Change at Force India

Despite Vijay Mallya saying that the team was not for sale he has sold 42.5% of the team to Sahara (who sponsor the Indian national circket team and own a IPL 20/20 team) and the team will now officially become Sahara Force India. This has left a certain Joe Saward quite irate for some reason, even though he must know that Vijay couldn’t comment anything publically to keep the price high.

It fits nicely as Mallya is running out of money it would seem and has spent a lot to improve his profile with the team, he will remain team principle and co-owner with 42.5% as well. The remaining % is owned by a family who have been investors since the Sypker days. It could boost the team further up the grid with Sahara surely having some great connections in relation to sports promotion and India, the team is ideal for them as investers but as Paul Di Resta pointed out, who will pick the drivers for next season in a team with too much driver talent for 2 seats.


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