To add

Im just posting to add after another day im still really shook up about Dan Wheldon and the accident yesterday at the Las Vegas 300. I just think it was the randomness of it and the fact there was nothing he could do.

Its strange that I can accept a racer pushing the limit too far and crashing and loosing their life but it underlines the huge risks involved in this sport despite the strides in saftey. In my head i’ve never called into question the morales of motorsport and the risks involved but after this I am having a really hard time with it. There will be some questions to ask about various aspects of the sport but there have been some poor reports that Wheldon coming through the field was to blame, I do think this is nonsense as it had nothing to do with the accident if you’ve seen the footage.

I do hope that we will remember Dan as a great racer and double Indy 500 champion and series winner, his latest win this year at the Brickyard surely one of the great all time achievements in motorsport.


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