Learning from each other

Moto GP has announced that next year it will have unlimted testing based on a limited amount of tires. As well as the introduction of the CRT bikes using production engines.

Moto GP has had an issue that it only has 4 manufactures of bikes: Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and this year one single Suzuki. The other teams run customer bikes of lower specifications. In an attempt to increase the grid and get smaller manufacturers involved next year the teams will be allowed to run a production engine in a prototype chassis. It does still remain to be sceen how competitive these teams will be and how many bikes will be fielded next year. The flip side of this increase is the fact that the lower satellite teams are looking likely to run less bikes next year.

Montozemelo has been banging on about the lack of testing this week and the reliance on aerodynamics in F1. To be fair I think he has a point, I also think ironically its hurt the teams at the bottom of the grid not getting experimental mileage and its certainly hurting younger drivers on entry to the sport. He also talked about running 3rd cars.

I think the Moto GP rules of limited tires is an interesting one, it would allow teams restricted testing but allowing those tires to be used in any of the practice (not qualifying) or tests would suit everyone. There would be more mileage from the smaller teams in free practice and it would allow teams to run test drivers on private test days. This is also useful if the calendar gets any bigger which I assume Bernie will be arguing for in the next Concord agreement meeting the teams will need to start crew rotation so a test team back at base will be possible.

Im still advocating the teams are allowed to nominate a 3rd/test driver who gets an additional set of tires to run in any of the practices to increase the cars on track and mileage for young and test drivers.

Im hoping the 2014 rules will strip back the aero and increase the reliance somemore on mechanical grip from engines, gearboxes and KERS, which is going to be given a significant power boost.

And finally for the same reason Moto GP has introduced CRT rules (to avoid only having a small number of manufacturers) is why 3rd cars seem very unlikely.


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