For better or Worse

Well we had a very interesting Abu Dahbi grand prix at the weekend I think you’ll all agree, sort of. There was a great qualifying and first lap as the teams were worried that the miles of DRS straights for some reason wouldn’t work.

The track is the only poor thing at Yas Marina Island now, they’ve covered it with grass and painted the run offs so it no longer looks like a giant car park. Furthermore the architecture and facilities are top notch and very UAE. The track however is just poor unfotunatly, a lot of corners that dont make sense and it is rather akward to overtake on.

However the DRS did work with back to back straights that allowed cars to overtake and then re-overtake again. It has to be a fairer system as it allows cars that have been overtaken using DRS to come back at the driver down the following straight. Although drivers did start to notice this, Mark Webber wasn’t failing to overtake down the main straight he was waiting for the second DRS straight so he wasn’t re-passed.

In fact the DRS was far too strong as it didn’t pull the cars alongside, like Turkey this year (may the fantastic track at Instanbul park rest in peace) it allowed drivers to clean drive around the outside. Not fun.

Furthermore the tires are really not longer as exciting anymore, bring back the super softs and softs (Yellow and Red) and lets have some fun again. The main problem is the teams have got on top of managing the tires but they once again produced the big story of the race.

We actually were robbed of a race by Vettel’s mistery puncture at the second corner as his Red Bull headed for the Island scenery rather than on round the circuit. However Hamilton seemed to have the pace all weekened and could of really hounded him, instead he just built a gap and mainted it to Fernando, allowing him to ease to a Sebastian esque victory.


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