Fighting Talk from Peter Sauber

It is usual at this time of year that teams start posturing about how good their car will be next year in the hope of attracting some funding (and geuine excitement), but one team haven’t just been blowing hot air.

Peter Sauber is looking forward to next year despite being in a titanic battle with Torro Rosso, but one interesting point is that the team hasn’t run a blown diffuser this year. With that being banned from next year we expect the teams to lose serious amounts of rear downforce. However the Sauber car will be at least that fast next year with their performance being purely aerodynamic rather than any exhaust gasses tricks. Furthermore they are the team with the best tyre wear on the whole grid and have managed to use different strategys all year to gain points.

The team had a bit of a mid-season slump and are now in a titantic battle with Torro Rosso for 7th place in the constructors.

With continuity of drivers and the rules that they have used this year it is already looking like Sauber sit in a strong position for next year.



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