Looking Ahead: Marussia

How time flies, it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were having a look at the 2011 season that had just finished and analyising the results. But with the first car launch less than 2 weeks away and testing following hot on the heels of that its time to take a look at each time and what they are aiming for in 2012.

Marussia Cosworth
2011: 12th Place
2012 Drivers:
Timo Glock
Charles Pic


The team formally known as Virgin were beaten by HRT again in 2011 to finish last in the constructors title and are still a long way off batteling to become a category 2 team (requires a top 10 finish in 2 out of 3 years) never mind claiming points. As Marussia now there is little left of the previous team, a move to banbury and Pat Symmonds has joined as a technical director/consultant for the team to design this years car. For the Russian team lets hope it sees a marked improvement from the CFD only VR-01 and MVR-02 cars. The team has however kept Timo Glock and brough in another pay driver rookie in the shape of Frenchman Charles Pic.

While the team does have a deal with McLaren to use certain technologies and some wind tunnel time they will not be running KERS next year while Caterham and HRT are believed to be running the system, leaving them as the only team without the energy recovery system next year. They really have to start closing the gap to Caterham and the rest of the field, but surely the minimum aim is to beat HRT and not finish last in the constructors championship!

2012 Prediction: 11th


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