Why Rubens to Indycar could really work in 2012

Rubens Barrichello, the most experienced man in F1 history (ironically racing exactly twice the number of GPs as his friend and countryman Aryton Senna) is without a drive as Bruno Senna (Arytons Nephew) has taken the second Williams seat.


This week he has been testing a Indycar at Sebring with Tony Kanann (a Brazilian he describes as his brother) and has quickly got on the pace of the experienced driver. This year Indycar adds carbon brakes and a steering wheel mounted clutch to the all new cars this year. Both of these innovations are F1 standards, furthermore the calander this year features a lot of road courses instead of the traditional oval focus. There is also a race in Brazil and the series travels round the states, meaning Rubinho could spend more time at home. Its just the ovals (which he promised his wife we wouldn’t do) that could pose a challenge to the 40 year old driver.

It would be another reason to watch Indycar this year, im rather excited (although im hoping for an improvment in Sky’s coverage of the races).


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