Testing woes for Marussia

Following HRT missing the last test after failing the crash tests, Marussia have done the same. However its too late in the day for the Russian team to repeat the tests to make the final test in Barcelona. This will leave Charles Pic making his debut after only a couple of disrupted days of testing in last years car which was designed by someone else.

HRT however have passed all their crash tests and are aiming to get ahead of thier main rivals by making the fianl test, however the Spainish outfit have claimed this before and have never ran a car in pre-season testing for the upcoming year (excluding running previous years cars).

This will leave the team massivly on the back foot if they can’t get any shakedown mileage in and will affect the first few races for the team. It would be a major blow to Marussia if HRT manage to get a car to the final test as they will get set-up work done and evaluate the car. An example was last year where HRT were so late to the party that they fell foul of the 107% rule and the stewards didn’t look kindly on their lack of prepartion for the race and excluded them from continuing to the main event.


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