F1 Takes a trip down memory lane as many things return

Today is one of those strange days for followers of Formula 1, its 18 years to the day since Ayrton Senna died at the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola (The event also claimed the life of Roland Ratzenberger in qualifying) so it seems appropriate that 2 things that have been missing in recent years are returning.

The first is the in-season test which see’s 11 of the 12 teams decamp to Mugello to conduct 3 days of testing. HRT have opted not to attend because they are moving boxes into their new base of operations and thus miss yet more testing. Ferrari have been tinkering with exhaust settings and the paddock is going into overdrive with the rumour mill before the start of the European season.

Second is the return of Silly season which appears to have started extra early with Mark Webber having reported to be moving to Ferrari to replace Felipe Massa for a single year. Red Bull are reportadly keen to promote some young blood to the main team while Ferrari dont think Perez is quite ready to replace the struggling Massa. Its been sorely missed after all the top teams (except Lotus) have had the exact same driver lineup since the start of the 2010 season.


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