7 from 7, Oh Canada!

Applogies for the delay on this post again, but im sure you all enjoyed the Canadian race last weekend and saw Lewis Hamilton come alive to take a sensational win. The Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve rarely dissapoints and the 2012 edition of the race was thrilling without rain or saftey car mostly due to Pirelli getting it spot on and providing tires that gave a safe 2 stop strategy or a risky 1 stop route to the finish. Hamilton was on pace all weekend and took the safe route to the flag racking up his first win of the year and the lead of the championship. Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel’s tyre gambles didnt pay off and this left the podium spots to Lotus’s Romain Grosjean and Sauber’s Sergio Perez.

Its creating a vicious constructors championship which this year could be even more important as the recession in Europe bites hard and the teams are finding it harder than ever to get stickers on their cars. F1 in 2012 is essentially seeing a 3 tier championship with the 3 “new” teams still firmly routed to the bottom with no chance of scoring points this year. Next up is the battle of battles from last year, the independant (or garagista) teams of Williams, Force India, Sauber along with Toro Rosso (while not being independant per-say but have similar funding) which this year seems to be a mix of tortoise and hare with Force India getting constant results but Sauber and Williams grabbing the headlines. Wins and podiums have been claimed by this group that had no chance of much above 6th or 7th place last year and it could be very telling to see what state they are in at the end of the year as these are the teams that will be feeling the pinch.

The final group is the “Manufacturers” group, although there are only 3 car marques (one of which is dubious) left at the top of F1 Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus battle alongside McLaren and Red Bull for the title honours. These teams are more concerned (with the possible exception of Lotus) with drivers titles, wins and podiums than their final constructors places as these are the monied few in F1. There is confusion amongst F1 elite with how exactly to get a handle on this seasons tyres and thus the championship, however the best in F1 reside here both drivers and engineers so I would expect these teams to pull away as the season continues. Question is will anyone fall by the wayside or join the group for the final run into Brazil?


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