Hot Heads on 2 wheels Lawyers for 4

At the weekend Jorge Lorenzo lead Hot Heads with a cool one for an all Spanish home town podium at the Circuit de Catalunya. With temperatures the hottest they’d been all year Lorenzo took pole man Pedrosa (who’d beaten the old “quali tyres” pole time set in 2008 on Sat) into the first corner and didn’t look back. There was crashes for Crutchlow, Hayden, Iaonne, De Puniet, Bautista, Laverty, Barbera and Abraham.

It gave the badly beaten Bradley Smith his career best finish of 6th who impressively kept it on the island despite the temperatures and his injuries. Ben Spies was still unfortunately missing and was again subbed by Michelle Pirro. Rossi rode to 4th and was only 5 seconds adrift at the finish which was a subtle yet positive step forward for the G.O.A.T.

Then came testing this week with all eyes on Suzuki who debuted alongside the other teams with their 2014 challenger, except they didn’t. The team despite going fast announced that they would delay their entry to 2015 to work on the new Spec E.C.U and also fuel consumption. This has lead to people losing their marbles and claiming that the rules are all wrong, however it is a very applicable road relevant rule that should keep manufactures happy to spend the budget. With the non-MSMA rules next year where teams can no longer have their bikes “claimed” manufactures will be able to enter their bikes with softer rules and work up to a full prototype.

On 4 wheels Mercedes find themselves in the dock today at the FIA tribunal for the “secret” Pirelli test that was conducted after the Spanish Grand Prix with a 2013 car. Results to follow…..


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