We need to talk about Felipe

With Moto GP currently in turmoil with about every rider linked to any seat that’s not got a rider welded to it upon pain of death (even contracted seats seem to be being discussed as though the rider doesn’t stand a chance of retaining them) Formula 1 has had a leisurely silly season. Oh and Casey Stoner is doing 4 tests at Motegi on board a full Honda prototype and the new production racer for privateer teams:

Surprise bitches

So back to 4 wheels and Felipe Massa, ever the stalwart of Silly Season post his crash at Hungaroring in 2009 and yet this obvious drop has never happened. The man who was world champion in 2008 for around 38 seconds has fallen a long way from challenging Lewis Hamilton for race wins to his current in-ability to scrap to podiums in a car that Alonso can regularly win in.  If you think Ferrari are loathed to kick out a man who was so nearly world champion, the last 2 drivers that they got rid of (Badoer and Fisi excluded as they were simply subs) were World Champions including one 7 time World Champion.

Felipe’s lack of pace in 2012 could be excused as Ferrari produced a right wrong-un of a car that took most of the season to right and when they did Massa seemed to come on song and the folks at Marenello thought they had their man back. However it appears really that it could only of earned the Brazilian a stay of execution as his performances this year have once again been lacklustre. Ferrari do have the luxury of biding their time as it appears Nico Hulkenberg will be up for grabs alongside most of the back half of the field have clauses that let them accept a drive at a top team (for compensation to said team). They also have their own drivers in Jules Bianchi (who’s currently placed at Marussia and will come with engines next year for the minnow squad) and David Rigon (who completed the young drivers test this year for the Scuderia). Either must be a better choice to spike some interest in the team and I think both would be capable of grabbing more points than Massa.

Red Bull are going all out to replace Webber with shoot-outs and openly courting Kimi and this is for a team that has a young drivers program that starts with karts (or probably pedal karts for all we know!) and Ferrari have only ummed and ahhed about what they are going to do. Its a top seat with the greatest team of them all and its being wasted on a 32 year old driver that hasn’t come close to winning a race in 3 years.

Felipe as much as we love you, the rest of the grid is more deserving than you – do you understand?


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