Reunion season

Ever since The Pixies buried the hatchet in 2004 and got back together reunions have been in vogue. It appears the trend has started to infect Formula 1 in recent years with the retro Williams Renault and the return of the Lotus and Mercedes teams. Kimi Raikkonen has kicked off reunion season with his return to the Scuderia where he won his World Championship in 2007, however a bizarre story has popped up on the BBC website this morning.

This concerns the other man at Ferrari, Fernando Alonso and the fact that he is McLaren’s number 1 target to drive for them next year. He would replace Sergio Perez and would increase Santanders involvement with the team, who are still to announce a title sponsor for next year. However Alonso’s one year at McLaren in 2007 wasn’t a happy one, although this has been laid at the feet of Ron Dennis who is no longer actively involved with the team. In 2007 Fernando was partnered with rookie Briton Lewis Hamilton and the pair duelled all season but Alonso’s supposedly number 1 status was not upheld and the pair lost the title to Kimi.

While Lewis would go on to win the title in 2008 and current driver Jenson Button in 2009 (with Brawn GP, moving to McLaren the following year) Fernando left in a sulk and returned to Renault. The return wasn’t too great and only resulted in two wins, one of which was “that” win in Singapore. The following year was poor and Fernando looked for pastures new as Renault began their exit from team ownership and romance with Ferrari would begin the following year. However with near misses for the title in 2010 and 2012 the love-in is most definitely over and his butler of a team mate has been dispensed with but the McLaren story has emerged over the weekend to possibly spoil the Ferrari dream team next year.

Lets just hope its not like that Sex Pistols reunion in 1996; a band that had initial success and imploded nearly as quickly as they started, only to have a bizarre half hearted footnote many years on.


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