Get Yer Gimmicks Out!

The first meeting of the FIA Strategy group has produced quite a few ideas to change the make up of Formula 1 over the next few years. The group is made up of the FIA (who get 6 votes), the commercial rights holder (CVC/Bernie – also 6 votes) and 6 of the biggest teams – Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus and Williams (1 vote each).  – How Sauber aren’t there as the 4th longest serving team is quite a travesty in my opinion.

The big news should of been the fact that they have agreed to implement a cost cap from 2015, in principle at least which gives Todt the power to start to implement proper cost controls from on high. Interestingly either Ferrari is concerned at the escalating spending power of Red Bull or the FIA squeezed them hard not to use their veto. The Scuderia have long been against a cost cap, however it will all depend on how it is imposed and what restrictions it will have.

However the big story on the back pages today is not the cost control or the fact that drivers will now pick a permanent number a la Moto GP (a non issue really lets be honest as the numbers are kind of irrelevant) but the fact that the FIA will award double the points for the last race of the season. The BBC points out that this would of changed the championship 3 times over the last 20 years, with Raikkonen in 2003, Felipe Massa in 2008 and Fernando Alonso in 2012 being crowned in place of Schumacher, Hamilton and Vettel. Unfortunately to add insult to injury the last race of the season in 2014 is set to be Abu Dhabi giving it double the points of Monaco, Silverstone, Spa or Monza. Its yet another unnecessary gimmick tinkering with the sport, where was Ferrari veto when you need it huh!

The only other thing of note was there will be an additional tyre test on the 17th – 20th of December to help Pirelli develop their compounds for next year, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Force India and Toro Rosso will all take part.


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