Haas and Dallara

The FIA has confirmed that three teams have submitted applications to be considered for entry in 2015, once again allowing existing teams one year of running before new entrants are allowed in – a la 2010.

Eternal optimists Stefan GP have entered again alongside an entry from ex-HRT boss Colin Kolles with Romanian backing. However the biggest surprise was the application of the Haas racing team, a serious US racer who runs Stewart-Haas and is apparently looking to create a proper state side F1 entry. This is no USF1.

Haas already own a F1 standard wind tunnel which is often rented out by teams to assist them in development and apparently will use Dallara to build a chassis for use with Ferrari engines. There has been some derision of Dallara after their dressing down from HRT – who were cronically under-funded, developed etc. and tried to portion the blame on the Italian company. First off Dallara is a great starting point if only used for construction as they currently make the chassis for Indy Car, Indy Lights, GP2, GP3 and World Series – their previous F1 trips have been relatively decent aside from HRT. There is no word on funding but its a serious entry from a serious racing guy.

Kolles is surely the second best option on the list as Stefan GP has had a series of dubious failed bids to enter the sport which have not endeared him to the FIA, CVC or fans. There is theoretically another two places up for grabs with the maximum number of teams currently set at 13 and after the demise of HRT 2013 saw only 11 squads take to the track.


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