Anteater’s Reveal themselves

In 2012 we had “the step”, last year was all about vanity panels to hide the step, we’ve had the transformers of the mid 00’s and the resulting 2009 clean up. The 2014 rules however have produced the Anteater. With McLaren launching their actual car along with renderings from Force India, Lotus and the bizarre non-branded Williams sketch the 2014 cars have produced a strange set of snouts out the front of them.

Personally I think they look okay besides the strange noses with the Lotus render having the best of the bunch so far with a twin pronged approach. The cars look more balanced with narrower front wings alongside clean lines and a single beam rear wing. There have definitely been worse looking beasts over the past 15 or so years.

Also Eric Boullier is moving to McLaren, expect an announcement soon alongside possibly a sponsor announcement to add to that grey rather barren livery of the MP4-29.


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