Reasons to be Cheerful – 2015

So i’ve been off the blog through the long hard winter months – sorry about that but after a slightly strange but compelling 2014 season the calendar has flipped and 2015 is here. The Motorsport year starts in full swing next week so here we have some reasons to be cheerful part 2015:

  1. ITS NOT LONG AWAY! – Force India and Williams have already shown their new looks off (albiet on a render and a old car) but its hard to believe that testing starts next week. Last winter felt like it lasted for ages after Sebastian Vettels slow waltz to the title in 2013 but with the 2014 F1 title going down to the wire and a short winter we are almost ready to be burning rubber again. But still – its not until March!!
  2. NEW LOOKS – While Williams haven’t changed much for 2015 apart from some under arm de-ponger on the sidepods (and no bad things considering that the Martini livery is one of if not the best look on the grid)  2015 should see a number of new paint jobs and removal of Ann Summers approved appendeges. Force India have made a lot of improvments to their incresingly messy livery with a much smarter look. McLaren’s web presence has seen a removal of all things silver and a lot of white, red and black so expect to see a completly new look over at Woking with the arrival of Honda. But still – the Ferrari will be red – phew!
  3. ENGINES – F1 gets its first new engine supplier in over a decade with the return of Honda and the other manufactuers will have been able to update 50% of their engine. Now Mercedes are likely to have also moved on a step and start as favourites in the power plant category but everyone else knows what they did and also can introduce their upgrades at any point during the season. Furthermore there are conflicting reports about Honda and their power plant and wether it will produce the goods or not. But vareity is the spice of life! But still – Mercedes will be out in front
  4. MERCEDES – F1 was served up a treat in 2014 by Mercedes after years of domination by the Vettle/Red Bull combo. They may of been streets ahead but like days of Senna/Prost they just let their drivers go at it and scored a huge P.R. victory alongside their technical one. Red Bull have lost their cool edgy-ness in F1 after tumultuous years with Webber & Vettel alongside plenty of politicing. Mercedes have won many a fan with their dominating campaign in 2014 and lets hope its something looked long and hard at by the pay masters in Milton Keynes. But still – we’d like to see many teams in the mix
  5. DANIEL RICCIARDO – will be lead driver for Red Bull next season with hopefully a more competitive Renault engine inside the last (possibly ever) Adrian Newey F1 car! He has all the makings of a world champ and seems to be able to draga car by the scruff of the neck around a track to places it shouldn’t really be. He showed it at Toro Rosso on some Saturdays during his formative seasons but exploded last year overtaking everywhere and taking the only non-mercedes wins of the year! But still – there is that Russian rocket in the other car
  6. TALENT AT THE TOP – F1 is set for another steller year in terms of driver talent with Ferrari and McLaren fielding two world champions each and Mercedes line-up remaining unchanged. Red Bull go into the season looking the lightest on paper with Daniel Ricciardo’s 3 wins the only top step action amongst their drivers but no-one doubts his pedigree. Williams remain unchanged with the vetran multiple race winner (and near 2008 World Champion) Felipe Massa going up against Bottas for a second year after a string of rostrum finishes. But still – Saubers looking rather pay drivery and Pastor Maldonado is still on the grid
  7. THERE MIGHT BE MORE THAN 9 TEAMS – Things are apprently looking up for Marussia and asset sales have been halted but we should know by the first test what the prognosis will be. If they do survive it will be a race to put a team together and build the 2015 car while they make do with the 2014 challenger. Caterham remain doubtful due to the mess of inter-linked companies that make the sale of the team so difficult. But still – there are no buyers and Haas F1 now owns the Marussia factory!

Well thats all for now, its almost time for some racing!


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