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Im just posting to add after another day im still really shook up about Dan Wheldon and the accident yesterday at the Las Vegas 300. I just think it was the randomness of it and the fact there was nothing he could do.

Its strange that I can accept a racer pushing the limit too far and crashing and loosing their life but it underlines the huge risks involved in this sport despite the strides in saftey. In my head i’ve never called into question the morales of motorsport and the risks involved but after this I am having a really hard time with it. There will be some questions to ask about various aspects of the sport but there have been some poor reports that Wheldon coming through the field was to blame, I do think this is nonsense as it had nothing to do with the accident if you’ve seen the footage.

I do hope that we will remember Dan as a great racer and double Indy 500 champion and series winner, his latest win this year at the Brickyard surely one of the great all time achievements in motorsport.


Dan Wheldon 22 June 1978 – 16 October 2011

While writing my last post for some reason I clicked over to the Indy Car news to see the sad and tragic news that Dan Wheldon has died following injurys in a huge 15 car pile up at the end of season race in Las Vegas. His car went airbourne after a large number of drivers came off the higher part of the oval taking avoiding action and his car hit the fence.

After two hours the race was called off after Wheldon was pronounced dead and the remaining drivers in the field returned to their cars to complete 5 laps in his honour.

Dan was competing in only his 3rd event this year as he was without a full time drive, despite this he took the victory at the Indy 500 this year.

You will be missed.

Weekend catch up!

Hey once again sorry for not posting up my thoughts on the blog but with it being bank holiday I’ve been rather busy. I hope you all agree it was a really interesting Monaco Grand Prix!!

Theres been lots of people saying this or that about Lewis Hamilton and whether he should be penilised. Its hard to say, there has been some analysis shown that Maldonado did turn in on Lewis however I think the overtake attempt on Massa at the hairpin was always going to end in tears. In my not very educated opinion it was simply a lunge from too deep much like the Paul Di Resta attempt, who did try and run Force India out of spare parts.

The race saw great drives from Kobayashi and Adrian Sutil (5th and 6th respectivly) which will earn them some decent points. We were also robbed of a proper ending due to the red flag, although I do agree with red flagging an event rather than run 6, 7, 8, 9 laps under the safety car which is a bit pointless. It was the first appearnce from the Safety car all season which actually brings the point that the racing afforeded by DRS and the Pirrelli rubber makes the sport safer as drivers are taking less half-chances (although thats about the best you can get at monaco.

Next up is montreal which has pretty much always delieverd a great race regardless of the F1 rules. Its mix of long straights, tight turns and street/permenant course provides a real set-up challenge. Also for the next two races there will be two DRS straights, which at Valencia might work great but Montreal could be mesmerising.

Elsewhere Davide Valsecchi picked up a maiden win for Team Air Asia (Run by Tony Fernandes of Team Lotus fame) in the GP2 feature race and Charles Pic picked up the sprint race hounours, which throws the GP2 title race wide open with Grosjean and Sam Bird tied at the top on 23 points and only 2 points seperating the top 5 drivers in the series. GP2 standings

Britian Dan Wheldon won the Indy 500 on a big weekend for motorsport, his second victory in the iconic race (the first being in his 2005 title year).

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

So this weekend the action truely gets underway after moto GP entertaining us with a fairly good start in the desert last weekend (see previous post).

But its not just Formula 1, scotsman (and cousin of Paul Di Resta) Dario Franchitti starts his Indy Car title defence. Along with some other action after the break:

For all the action this weekend remember the time change on saturday night!

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