Practice a damp squib but the weekend will be anything but

So the weekend has begun with a wet free practice 1 and 2 which saw limited running from the teams so we go into Saturday with no-one doing any dry laps. There is a lot of rumblings about throttle overrun and the complexities of the next blown diffuser clarification/ban. So no one really knows the pecking order which looks set to make it a scintillating British Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo (pronounced Ric-ar-do apparently) seems very at home in the HRT beating Luizzi in wet free practice 2 and could really help the team secure 11th position ahead of Virgin.

Apart from Kobayashi’s crash in FP1, hitting the tire barrier at the start of the old start/finsh straight (now called the National start/finish straight) there wasn’t a lot to report other than Chandok managed a whopping 19 laps, which i think is about 10 or 11 more than he’s managed before this season in his appearences in FP1.