Vettel finally gets pole between the walls. Hamilton demoted, Perez has a lucky escape

A tight qualifying session was interupted by a huge crash by Sergio Perez in the Sauber at the swimming pool chicane. The crash brought out the full medical team and extraction process, however he is reported to be okay and undergoing tests.

The crash red flagged the session and deprived us of the end of qualifying leaving us with an unusual grid. Furthermore Hamilton has been demoted to 9th after cutting a corner on his hot lap (im not too sure how thats possible apart from the two very obvious places. It leaves the grid as:

1. Vettel
2. Button
3. Webber
4. Alonso
5. Schumacher
6. Massa
7. Maldonardo
8. Rosberg
9. Hamilton
10. Perez

I think its unlikely that Perez will race tommorow given the size of his impact and the damage to the car (the thing is a write off chassis and all). Michael Schumacher also puts in a impressive qualifying over Rosberg who lost out after Perez’s crash (he also had a very similar crash in FP3 but missed the barriers) and sets up a very interesting grand prix with lots of cars out of position.

Can someone get the jump on vettel who looks under a lot of pressure here?
Can Hamilton come through the field?
Can williams score some points?
Will we finally see the Safety car??


Sod the quali, lets race

We leave the first set of flyaway races with a very different Formula 1 in 2011. So far the DRS can be considered a sucess and some epic races have ensued with great action due to the DRS and mostly the Pirelli tires. Interestingly it could spell the end for qualifying, as mark webber showed parking it up in Q1 and saving tires is a useful tactic.

Even if this is the case expect it to further improve the racing as people will be carving through the field come sunday. It is likely to return to the days of running race fuel in Q3 where people could go for glory or the long game with their Qualifying strategy.

Red Bull with a McLaren mixer crushed together please

So qualifying this morning proved that McLaren’s radical design really has paid off. After shelving their ambitious blown diffuser plans (for now) and the new upgrade remaining with the titanium diffuser (IE still not optimized) from the last race. Obviously Jenson and Lewis are more aquainted with the car and how to set it up and therefore qualifying was close between the two teams.

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KERS? HRT? DRS? Acronyms galore in Melbourne

Well we’ve finally seen the drivers take to the track with low fuel and battle each other outright with their best efforts, or have we? Despite Sebastian Vettel’s massive pole position gap he wasn’t using KERS and nor was team-mate Mark Webber. This is impressive as the system is worth up to 3 tenths round albert park, and the team were not deploying it. One assumes they have the system in their car as they cannot simply add it after qualifying due to the park ferme conditions.

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